Part one is out!

SHIELDMAIDEN is a personal animation project born out of my love for viking folklore.
It follows the adventures of Rota the young warrior girl, as she travels the world of Midgard in search of her Grandfather.
The setting is very much inspired from John Bauer’s dark forests,¬† and from Scandinavian folklore and myths. The art style takes after”The secret of Kells”, and “Samurai Jack”.

The music for the pilot was made by Joel Forssell and the sound effect by Nicolai Junge Pedersen.

You can follow the animation as it gets uploaded on Youtube or on the blog!
If you enjoy the film, you can also help support us on our patreon page!

shieldmaiden characters2 shieldmaiden trolls2


Vikings have been part of pop culture for quite some time, starting with the romantisation of the Nordic culture over a hundred years ago.
They’ve inspired countless fantasy worlds and epic stories, but most people only know those other stories, and not the original ones.

Although some excellent stories have been told about the historical vikings, many more about “fantasy vikings” , and even more about¬† the Nordic gods – I feel there aren’t many stories that portray the viking world like THEY saw it.
Very few viking stories show the original Nordic folklore, the stories and creatures that scandinavians grow up with and inspired many of today’s big fantasy worlds.

And if there’s one good place to start for viking folklore, that is TROLLS.

This project is still only beginning, but I hope you will enjoy the saga of Rota the Shieldmaiden! :)
(And no, there will be no horned helmets.)

-Vilhelm Bergendal

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